🌿💪🏼Full Body Workout for Weight loss + Body Update | Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness 💪🏼🌿

Simple, yet effective exercises I like doing for toning and building muscle. Please keep in mind this is just an example of what I do, and in no way saying this is how you should do things. You can always switch up the exercises or modify weights so that they are challenging TO YOU. I personally do not lift super heavy any more, so thats why I don’t do max weights anymore. I now enjoy using a challenging weight with more reps 🙂

At the end I show a short body update because i am currently cutting down a bit for a trip and I want to track progress. Plus I want to share how I manage to maintain my average weight eating whatever I want on a vegan lifestyle !

Please let me know if you like these sorts of videos and if you find them helpful by giving it a thumbs up, sharing, and subscribing if you are new! Thanks for watching xoxo

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