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Here’s some of what you’ll learn when you get the “Muscle Imbalance Solution”:
54 highly-effective exercises that address the causes of muscle imbalances so your clients can overcome nagging injuries
94 exercise progressions & variations including stability balls, medicine balls, resistance bands, dumbbells & bodyweight-that’s 148 exercises in your training arsenal to help your clients bust through training plateaus
Tons of little-known tips & tricks for each exercise that aren’t taught in most personal training manuals, textbooks and fitness courses so your clients can get better results faster
How to easily identify and correct compensation and muscle substitution strategies that can cause your clients injuries (most fitness professionals are completely unaware of these)
How to avoid 5 of the biggest core training mistakes 99% of personal trainers are making so you can instantly get your clients on the road to recovery
How to restore muscle balance of the little-known triad responsible for almost all of your clients’ nagging shoulder, lower back & knee injuries
Why correcting your clients’ muscle imbalances requires more than abdominal exercises and which other areas to address
The 2 ‘often-neglected’ areas of the body that must be addressed to help your clients overcome injuries & stay pain-free (neither has anything to do with the abdominals)
Why your clients should not perform the ‘drawing-in maneuver’ to stabilize the spine and core and what to do instead
Why stretching tight muscles & strengthening weak muscles isn’t enough to correct your client’s muscle imbalances and what really works
High-Quality photo illustrations and step-by-step instructions of each exercise so you’ll get them right the first time and every time
Imagine having all this knowledge at your fingertips so you can finally:
*MAKE THE MONEY YOU DESERVE rather than what health clubs or studio owners think you’re worth
*Get a FLOOD OF CLIENTS knocking down your door practically begging YOU to train them.

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