PTtrax Personal Training Software: Software for Personal Trainers

PTtrax cloud-based software for personal trainers will be released shortly. This video tells about our purpose which is to help put the power back in YOUR hands while assisting your clients to reach their goals.

This solution helps trainers cut down the time they spend planning routines, organizing files, tracking progress, client tracking, writing down information and assessments and gets rid of all those filing cabinets and folders in an easy to use personal training software.

The best part is that it helps client management. Clients get to actually SEE their progress and SEE the value you offer them. Before and after pics, historical workouts, historical assessments, you name it, this with help motivate clients

Some trainers ask ” how can I get more clients?” We have a search tool that finds personal trainers in your area so the clients come to you. They also ask ” how can I make more money as a personal trainer?” you can save time with our fitness software and train more clients. With this cloud based software you can access us in the US, Australia, New Zealand, and England.

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