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It’s a sad but true fact that Americans don’t get enough exercise. And while a large portion of that may be due to a lack of desire, another major reason for our inactivity is the hectic pace of life in today’s world . Americans are simply finding less and less time for themselves and that’s cutting into our regular exercise habits. So for those of us with limited opportunity, a great new web service is available that combines personal training with your personal technology. It’s called Trainerly and it uses the built-in camera on your phone, tablet or smart TV to connect you directly with a personal trainer for 30 minutes or 60 minutes, no matter where you might be. The service is perfect for busy moms, on-the-go professionals, or people who just can’t get out of their house or hotel room to exercise. And while there are great workout DVDs out there, this is a customized experience that’s built around your goals and personal limitations. Now, there’s no membership costs or subscription fees, it’s free to sign up and after your first assessment session with a trainer of your choice, you pay per session. There are no long term commitments. And each trainer is not only certified, but their profile shows the ratings other users gave them. So it’s a completely transparent process. Trainerly is an incredibly convenient, affordable, and high quality way to stay in shape regardless of your lifestyle. If you ask me, I think it may completely revolutionize the way people workout and stay fit with their high def video stream that makes it feel like a personal trainer is standing right next to you to guide, motivate, and inspire you.

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